Custom services for transport: how do they work

Custom services

Small premise: we are not custom agents but we have relied for a long time,on approved professionals for the related procedures.

If you are interested in learning more about customs services for transports, you are in the right place! Here, we will explain how they work and other important details.

First of all, customs is the office in charge of controlling goods crossing a country border. It has the task of defining and collecting customs, export and import duties. In Italy, everything  is managed by the “Agenzia delle Dogane”, a public body that runs the entire Italian customs system.

Transport companies need to be well aware of the rules of the foreign market and the administrative documentation that each cargo must have in order to reach its destination. This will avoid problems at the border that could compromise the expected delivery time.

It is clear, therefore, that customs management plays a key role for any transport company that wants to provide an excellent service to its customers.

That’s why you should let our highly skilled customs staff manage all the necessary tax and customs documentation related to the export and import of your goods.

We manage to do it smoothly with our broad expertise in customs and border services, such as:

  • Classification of goods: each product is assigned a code (or customs heading) according to its commodity category.
  • Export customs operations: it is necessary to hand over the goods and the relevant export declaration, as well as specific authorizations or licences, where required, to the export customs office.
  • Import customs operations: when the goods arrive at the port or airport in the importer’s country, customs officers complete all the necessary documents. Customs duties, or external or border duties, may be required. In Italy, customs duties must only be paid if the goods come from a non-EU member state.
  • Customs warehouse: Customs warehouses are facilities where goods can be stored without being taxed, while awaiting the allocation of their final destination.
  • Customs and tax consultancy: our team of specialised customs operators can assist you with all the administrative aspects of freight transport.
  • Tax benefits
  • Intra-EU Transits

If you too are looking for a company to transport your goods, contact us for a free consultation. Our team will be at your service and will offer you the best logistics solution for your needs!


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