ST2 Transport

At ST2 s.r.l., we care about our customers requirements, our mutual relationship with the suppliers and the concrete specialisation and geographical coordination of transport.

Below is our “by road” service including all necessary details:

Product/ServiceContents of the serviceTransport middleTransit time
GroupageSeveral small shipments combined together and delivered on line by a single full truckCurtain trucks 13.60mA/D - to agree
Dedicated/Express TruckShipments with special time slots respectCurtain trucks 13.60m/Van sprintersTo agree
Full TrucksPick up and delivery of a single full loadCurtain trucks 13.60m/Box containerA/D - to agree
Oversized LoadsNational and international transports oversized loads with special equipped trucks To agree
Additional Services (on request):
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Collection at special times or by appointment
Optional Services (at an extra cost):
  • All risks

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