Groupage: what is it and how does it work


We always hear about this transport solution, but what exactly is groupage?

Groupage services is a type of freight forwarding service that consists into the collection of goods  dispatched by several different senders within a  same load. These are then shipped to different recipients on a specific line within the same country. By  this way, it’s possible to save on shipping costs by grouping together small partial loads to get a single lot.

Groupage Benefits

Groupage allows savings and a reduction in shipping costs. It is, in fact, possible to optimise transport and save on shipping costs by grouping products from different companies into a single load unit, paying only for the space occupied inside the transport unit.

The most crucial stage takes place in the warehouse, where the goods are consolidated during the whole logistic process (receipt, storage, order preparation, and dispatch).

It’s a key procedure that results in a more practical use of space, maximising its utilisation. The goal is to optimise costs and times, especially for international shipments across long distances.

This solution also allows SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to access to  international shipping, that  often results  too expensive for them.

These are not the only benefits of groupage; you can also get better delivery frequencies  and a wider range of destinations.

Smart management software

The coordination of operations plays a major role. To smooth everything over, a software is used to help manage warehouses, which becomes a valuable support in organising and monitoring the flow of goods effectively and efficiently.

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