Logistics services tailored to your Sicily, Sardinia, and Calabria transports

By  talking about transportation, business logistics play a key role !  It is, in fact, an articulated process, but what exactly does it imply? Let’s find out!

First of all, logistics is linked to the collection of goods, also at a local level, and subsequent warehouse storage . And that’s not all.

Logistics is also about packaging and distributing the goods, as well as processing orders and returns. Each of these aspects is inextricably linked to the others.

So, logistics services are at the heart of a complete transport system. St2 s.r.l. uses directly managed warehouses and cutting-edge technology. Our company provides storage and unloading services with tools such as 2,0, 4,5, and 12 ton forklifts.

St2 s.r.l. provides warehousing and distribution solutions from its headquarters in Rivalta di Torino, Italy. With us, you can benefit from complete services for your goods management.

What are you waiting for? Put your trust in professionals able to give you real quality transports from and to Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria, and Europe too. With us, you can get cost-effective solutions!

Contact us now for your free quote and consultation. Our team will be at your service and will offer you the best logistics solution for your needs!

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