We transport your products across Italy

Need to transport cargo to the south or the islands? Don’t worry, St2 will offer you a high-quality service focused on client satisfaction.

In fact, our transportation company works every day to reach all parts of Italy, including Sicily, Sardinia, and Calabria, in the least amount of time while keeping excellent delivery standards.

Besides, we have vehicles and equipment that allow us to deliver to businesses, retail centres, hotels, construction sites, airports, and large-scale distribution chains.

All of this is carried out by a strong company system that conforms to the major national and international rules with the aim of achieving the following goals:

– Quality

We provide customers with high-quality services that meet or exceed their expectations.

– Qualified personnel

Our workers are all highly skilled and competent individuals with strong communication skills who are driven by the company’s principles.

– Industry ability

We supply services that are tailored to the needs of the customer. This is possible due to our extensive knowledge of the industry and the type of relationship we choose to build with our customers.

– Advantageous solutions

Because of our specialised company and the search for synergies between customer and supplier logistics flows, we can provide incredibly advantageous solutions.

– Teamwork

Teamwork is one of our strongest qualities. We always involve the entire team, which works in the company dynamically, in the administration and growth of the system.

– Control of operations

Another major goal is to ensure that our processes get a high level of design quality and operational control, with an emphasis on workplace safety.

If you need to get your products to the south or the islands, count on St2; you won’t regret it!

Please contact us to arrange a free consultation. Our operations department will be happy to assist you on the best logistical option for your needs!

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